United People of Gulliver 2017

Gulliver marks a successful year and announces the employee of the year!


(Dubrovnik, 23rd November 2017) The United People of Gulliver (UPG), an event well-known to the employees of Gulliver Travel, was held on 21 and 22 November 2017 with the aim of informing employees of excellent results and future activities as well as the current changes.

Gulliver Travel, in a desire to raise awareness of community and teamwork as well as employee motivation, has organized a two-day social gathering of employees through various activities.

The first day of UPG was held at the Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik where CEO Goran Hrnić, CFO Hrvoje Jelić and Operations Director Nikolina Misir held an introductory presentation on the outstanding performance of the business year 2016/17, as well as the future activities of Gulliver. This was followed by a joint photographing of all employees, lunch and sector meetings. In the evening, all the employees had the opportunity to have fun at the theme party "That's 70s'' at the Kantenari Restaurant. During dinner, CEO Hrnić and CFO Jelić announced the employee of the year, Mr. Ahmo Sarić from Dubrovnik, and in the 2nd place Ms. Željka Marušić from Split, while the reward for the best seasonal employee went to Ms. Ana Velić from Poreč. In the morning of November 22, UPG continued on the Montenegro Bay of Kotor Cruise excursion, which was additionally marked by the team spirit of Gulliver.

Once again, we congratulate our winners as well as all the employees who make Gulliver Travel stronger than ever!