Top 5 reasons why you should visit Croatian coastline in the wintertime

If you can't sunbathe and swim, why should you go? Right? Well, not really!


Known as the king of summer vacation packed with beautiful beaches, islands, and crystal-clear seas, Croatia is rarely mentioned as winter destination among travellers.  If you can't sunbathe and swim, why should you go? Right? Well, not really! Croatian coastline is packed with historic sights and natural beauties that you might as well visit outside the hectic summer season. Plus, even in wintertime Croatian coastline still boasts rather pleasant, warm weather, ideal for all day long exploration. So, here are the top 5 reasons why you should visit Croatian coastline in wintertime.

 Smooth riding on a motorway 
In summer, Croatian motorways are overcrowded with numerous visitors. Traffic jams are often miles long which can result in both mental and physical exhaustion. However, during wintertime, the motorways in Croatia are almost empty and you can enjoy a carefree ride without stopping. 

 Hustle & bustle free 
If you visited Croatian coastline in summer, then you know how crowded it can get. Well, in wintertime, you'll be hustle & bustle free. You can have Dubrovnik’s city walls to yourself, enjoy an almost empty ferry ride to the islands, have a peaceful stroll around Diocletian Palace in Split and pick a table at any restaurant. Awesome, right?  

 Accommodation as you wish 
Visiting Croatian coastline off-season means you can book your trip and accommodation a lot cheaper. You can book accommodations at best locations at a much cheaper rate, and you can even book it last minute since there isn't much visitor in wintertime. Talking about great value for money here! 

 Warm weather  
Croatian coast has a typically Mediterranean climate known relatively mild weather in winter. Even during the coldest month (January), temperatures never really get below about 5°C. If your visiting during the early fall, you might even go for a swim. 

 Christmas markets and festive events 
Although the most famous Christmas market in Croatia is the one in Zagreb, coastal cities like Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik also have incredible Christmas Markets. Besides that, there are several festivals and carnivals taking places across the country, making it possible to experience local culture and taste some regional specialities.