Top 5 islands – crème de la crème of Croatian coast

Since Croatia has 1244 islands, we made a list of top 5 islands that sum the best of Croatian coastline.


The incredible diversity of Croatia’s islands ensures that there is something for everyone in the Adriatic, regardless of whether you’re a party animal, laid back or adventurer. Since Croatia has 1244 islands, we made a list of top 5 islands that sum the best of Croatian coastline.

# 1 Hvar – the glam island 
Hvar is Croatia's version of France St. Tropez known for luxury hotels, posh restaurants, clubs & 5 stars hotels. But besides all that glam, Hvar is also known for secluded beaches, vineyards, and verdant groves of wild lavender, olive trees and rosemary.
#  2 Brač – the all-rounder island
Brač is ''tallest'' island in the Adriatic widely known for postcard-perfect beach Zlatni rat. But besides chilling on the famous golden pebble beach, Brač offers a variety of content for its visitors such as hiking, walking and cycling. It is also full of secluded bays and coves, delightful small towns full of history and culture and the incredible Stonemasonry School in Pučišća.
# 3 Korčula – the wooded island
The most densely wooded island in the Adriatic, Korčula is an island full of history, culture and culinary delights. It is known as the birthplace of Marco Polo and often called ''Little Dubrovnik'' because of incredible and thick city walls. Korčula is also well known for its own robust white wine Pošip.
# 4 Vis – the hedonist island
Don't be fooled by the peaceful monastery in the Vis harbour, because this is a place of hidden hedonism. From ancient Roman theatre, the wildest parties at the historic navy base Fort George, numerous music festival and of course incredible gastro delights. Oh, and let's not forget the stunning landscapes, beaches & a must-see Blue cave on the nearby island of Biševo.
# 5 Mljet – the nature-lovers island
Imagine mesmerising verdant beauty surrounded by the azure sea because that is precisely what you will see while you approach the island of Mljet. It is a heaven for all nature lovers and those in search for absolute tranquillity. The island is also home to National Park of the same name known for two salty lakes & a micro island of St. Mary.