Top 5 Instagram-worthy places in Dubrovnik

Let's face it, most of us feel like our travelling experience isn’t complete unless there’s evidence of it on social media.


For better or for worst, modern times brought some changes in the way we communicate things to our friends and family. Let's face it, most of us feel like our travelling experience isn’t complete unless there’s evidence of it on social media. And that evidence better be eye-poppin'. As one of Europe's hottest destinations, Dubrovnik has endless insta-worthy places, but which one's are the best? Get your filters ready cos' here are top 5 places you should capture & share on Instagram while in Dubrovnik. 

1. Lovrijenac Fortress

Although everything you'll find within the Dubrovnik city walls is absolutely amazing, sometimes it's hard to grasp the scale of Dubrovnik’s beauty from within the city walls. So, the trick is to get above it by finding the place where you can take a photo that shows its monumentality. Head over the Fort Lovrijenac and make sure you stop before entering the fort to get plenty of beautiful views over the Walled City.

2. Dubrovnik Walls

This one's kind of obvious. Here you can take those iconic Instagram photos that capture the city's panorama; from red roofs to Lokrum Island. Built in the 10th century these enormous walls, as high as six meters and up to six meters thick, provided a solid defence against invaders. With nearly 2 kilometres in length, these city walls offer a perfect spot for a casual stroll and mesmerizing views on Old Town and shimmering Adriatic.

3. Minčeta Fortress

Located at the highest point of the city walls, this spectacular round tower was built to protect the landward edge of the city from attacks. Once the symbol city’s freedom, this 14th-century structure is one of the most beautiful fortifications in the world. Be sure to visit the top terrace as it will provide you with a stunning view of the Old Town and all its surrounding. FUN FACT: the structure was featured in GOT as the House of the Undying.

4. Stradun

There is no visiting Dubrovnik, without strolling down the main pedestrian walkaway, Stradun. This cobbled street runs about 300 meters directly through the Old Town, and it's full of insta-worthy attractions such as churches, museums, and galleries and stone decorative details. As the largest street in Dubrovnik in high season, it's usually overcrowded, but it’s wide enough so you can easily find the perfect place to snap THE photo. 

5. Mountain Srđ

Here comes the icing on the cake! Jump on Dubrovnik’s fabulous cable car & see the city in all its glory from sky view. As it whisks you up in just four minutes from north of the city walls to Mount Srđ, you will be swept away glancing at beautiful landscapes; from the lush islands of Elaphity and Lokrum to Dubrovnik and its Old Town. If this isn't Instagram-worthy, nothing is! 😉 

Snap away, our dearest! 📸