Top 5 Croatian waterfalls

Besides having a jaw-dropping coastline dotted with numerous islands and historical cities, Croatia has one more ace up its sleeve…the waterfalls.


Yes, the country abounds with breath-taking mountains, forests and magnificent waterfalls that attract thousands of tourists every year. Magical, powerful and marvellous here's a list of top 5 Croatian waterfalls. 


National Park Krka is one of the most precious Croatian natural wonders, with waterfalls pour into small emerald green pools. It is an utter paradise for all nature lovers and for those who seek peace and serenity. Although the Park boasts seven spectacular waterfalls, the true showstopper is Skradinski Buk. It is actually a cascade that consists of many smaller waterfalls and azure lakes. There is an extraordinary clear swimming pool at the base of the waterfall where you can swim, but only until the end of 2020, because Krka National Park management announced a swimming ban at one of that will come into force on 1 January 2021.


The largest, the oldest and the most visited National Park in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes is yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Croatia. Hidden between two mountain ranges, this emerald gem glitters with waterfalls and lakes. There are 16 lakes, and one of those lakes is the Great Waterfall - the highest waterfall in Croatia and a part of the Lower Lakes of Plitvice Lakes National Park. 


Located near Plitvice Lakes, riverside village Rastoke literally look like a fairy-tale settlement that will blow your mind. With emerald-like water cascading over the various falls and rapids, surrounded by old flour mills, Rastoke is an ideal place for a family day trip. Although Rastoke is a small settlement, there are enough lodging and restaurant choices as a place became a hotspot in the last few years.


In case you are somewhere more south in Croatia, maybe you should visit Mrežnica waterfalls. Mrežnica river is one of the most unique natural waterways in Croatia with almost 90 different waterfalls! The upper part of Mrežnica compresses all of its allure into one place – emerald river with more than 25 magical waterfalls. This stunning place is a famous hotspot for kayakers around the world, but if you're more into a peaceful holiday mood, don't worry because the River's meadows surrounded by oak trees, willows and alders are an ideal place for a picnic.


Zrmanja is among the most beautiful rivers in Europe with its perfectly clear warm water and spectacular canyon with a magnificent waterfall. Adrenaline lovers, you will be happy to hear that Zrmanja is considered one of the best places for rafting and kayaking in Croatia. The river boasts several enchanting waterfalls, cascades and tufa barriers along its course. The highest and according to many, the most beautiful one is Visoki Buk, which stands at 11 meters.

If you're into avoiding crowds and wish to get back to nature, Croatia's waterfalls are the way to go. All of these locations are well connected by bus from major Croatian cities and the journey is usually no more than a couple of hours. With their immense beauty, they are ideal places for adventures, picnics and easy-paced excursions for the whole family.