Pros and cons of group travelling want it so bad & can't wait to hit the road.


There is only one problem. You are not sure should you plan your perfect holiday alone or should you hand over the nitty-gritty details to the professionals? We bring you the list of things to keep in mind when considering group travelling. 

Group travel pros: 
  1. The first advantage of group travelling is that when you choose one, all the planning is done for you. For people who don't have time to pin destination attraction, book hotels, and arrange transportation, group travelling could be a deal sealer. Choose a tour as desired, sit back and enjoy the ride. 
  2. While travelling in a group, you get to visit multiple locations in a shorter amount of time since transport is pre-arranged. You don't have to worry what bus or ferry to take, because the travel company got you covered. Hop from place to place and enjoy sightseeing stress-free. 
  3. Group tours are also an excellent choice for people persons. When joining an organised tour, you get to meet a lot of different new people that you would probably never have the opportunity to meet. Mingle, you might make a lifetime friendship. 
  4. Last, but not least is security. While travelling in a group, you are constantly surrounded by people, which can be pretty reassuring. Travelling group becomes your temporary comfort zone. Because of this group tours are an excellent choice for nervous travellers or first-time travellers.
Group travel cons: 
  1. The first disadvantage of group travelling is the fact that you have to follow pre-determined itineraries. You are enchanted by a certain beach, museum or architecture? Well, too bad, but you can't hang around because it's time to move to the next location. Want to skip something boring? No can do, it's in the itinerary. 😊  
  2. Group tours can also get costly because travel companies have to incorporate a lot of different fees into the price. You will get an abundance of content, but you may not always like the price. 
  3. Last on our list of cons is transportation. A lot of travel companies use coach buses as their primary means of transport. Spending hours on a bus could get you quickly in the grumpy mood, and that's not the mood you want on vacation.
Our list ends here, and now it's time for you to make up your mind. Whether you choose to travel in a group or alone remember there will always be things you like and dislike. So, take some time and think about your preferences but also try to stay flexible and open to compromise. Anyway, you can't possibly know how things will turn out, so relax, travel and enjoy life.