How to travel only with a carry-on bag

Do you hate dragging a suitcase larger than yourself around a foreign country?


Well, maybe it's time that you start travelling lighter by packing only a carry-on bag. Travelling without heavy luggage will be your saviour, and it can be done quite easily. To accomplish this, you must awake your inner minimalist. First, start with choosing a small bag that is within most airlines size restrictions. We suggest that you choose a backpack as it keeps your hands free. Second most important thing is packing, or to be more accurate THE WAY you will pack. You must be smart, practical & imaginative when it comes to packing. We advise using rolling method for packing clothes and for the love of god pack only necessary stuff. Think wisely when it comes to electronic devices. When travelling, you don't need your tablet, laptop, camera, hair dryer, electronic shaver, etc. Take a moment to think want is truly a necessity and dismiss the rest, because electronic devices take way too much space. For an extra successful travelling with only a carry-on bag, we suggest you make a packing list and test packing a few times before your trip. Then you will realise that maybe you shouldn't pack anything ''just in case''. 

Hopefully, our advice will help you to find a way to make your trip only with a carry-on bag. We can promise you it will make your travelling so much easier.