Great things to do in Pula

Discover all the great things you can do while visiting Istria's main city – Pula.


Once an important Roman colony, known as Pietas Iulia, this astonishing city was a blooming urban centre with forum, temples and city walls. The Roman Empire left its enduring mark in this city, and that is something you can sense the minute you step inside of it. From Golden Gates, the Temple of Augustus, numerous floor mosaics, and of course the centrepiece of Roman architecture – the grandiose Amphitheatre, this city is a true treasure chest of Roman remnants. Here are the top 5 great things to do during your stay. 

Make an epic entrance 
Enter Pula's historic centre through The Arch of Sergii. With 8 metres high arch, this construction is one of the most beautiful architectural examples of the Late Hellenic Roman engineering, dating back to the late 1st century BC. It was made in the honour of three male members of Salvia Postuma Sergia family, who lost their lives in The Battle of Actium.
Grab a drink with literary genius
Writer James Joyce lived in Pula in the early 20th century, where he worked as an English teacher. Although he didn't quite fall in love with the city, little café Uliks praises Joyce as if he was a local. With a statue of Joyce surrounded by bar tables on its terrace, this is a quite unique place to visit. 
Go underground 
Discover the underground tunnel world of Pula. Stretching almost across the entire city, and known as Zerostrasse, the mysterious tunnel system was built during the WWI. Today, only a few of numerous passages are open for visitation where you can see various cultural and social events, from exhibitions to parties.
Awaken your inner warrior 
Of course, you have to visit the grandiose Amphitheatre. It is one of the largest in the world, was built during the 1st AD under the reign of Emperor Vespasian, at around the same time as the Colosseum in Rome. Although it underwent a great deal of restoration work, the site can still seat 5,000 people and is used in summer as a venue for festivals and performances. 
Explore rich history 
Visit Archaeological Museum of Istria and learn all about the Istrian history through a rich collection of exciting archaeological findings. The museum has several collections: prehistoric, ancient, late ancient and medieval. It's just brilliant. 
Pack your bags and get ready to uncover this magnificent treasure chest of Roman remnants!