Croatia – thousands fantastic images, numerous experiences and unforgettable memories in one word alone. Once you meet a small part of it, you will wish to come back and meet more! Hosts welcome you with their open hands and hearts, with a smile on their faces! They tell you their history; show you their heritage, tradition and culture.

In Dubrovnik, the city of proud people, feel the spectacular power of history carved in every stone, in every ornament. It is an exceptional city, a must-see. As well as many others, hidden by the mysterious veils of Dalmatia. In every nook and corner there is hidden treasure, Antique cities and towns, full of heroic tales. Islands with their hidden coves and sandy beaches, one more beautiful that the other. There is a powerful magic lying in Croatian coast, each season giving it a particular beauty. Another must is Istria, a peninsula where the nature plays with colours, where green hills are crowned by old towns, and coastal Venetian-style cities are surrounded by crystal clear sea. The extraordinary diversity is to be found in Kvarner, where nature, history and tradition meet. In a comfortable boat ride or luxury coach drive, our experienced guides bring a lot before your eyes. It is not possible to discover all, but by exploring a part, you will see it is a lot...