Čilipi Village

Located only 22 km from Dubrovnik, Čilip village is the largest settlement in beautiful Konavle region.


Once you step inside, you'll be overwhelmed with the abundance of history that will unfold before your eyes. That is because this charming village is known for the preservation of traditional values of Konavle through famous embroidery, national costumes, folklore and gastronomy. On the main square, in front of the Parish Church of St. Nicholas, you can see historic folklore dance that is performed every Sunday from Easter until late October, for already four decades. The folklore dance is performed by Folklore Society ''Čilipi'', founded in 1954. under the name Folklore Society ''Vladimir Nazor''. It was initiated by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to preserve tradition passed through generations.

Also, be sure to check the Konavle Heritage Museum that will thrill you with its rich ethnographic collection set in a rustic ambient. There you can also learn more about silk production of this region. Sericulture is a centuries-old craft is one of the most important aspects of tradition and cultural heritage of Konavle. Withstanding the challenges of the global industrialism, Konavle silk is still produced in the most traditional manner, from the cocoon to silk. Silk was and still is used for the adornment of male and notably female traditional costumes. Transcending simple decoration, Konavle silk embroidery developed its own artistic mark which makes it rare and unique.

As a cherry on top in Čilipi, you can treat your taste buds with top-quality wines. Konavle valley is famous as a perfect landscape for wine growing. Its long tradition of cultivating unique, native and autochthonous wine varieties put it on a world map of famous wine regions that you must visit. This heavenly wine garden stands out with its indigenous variety ''Malvasija dubrovačka'', aromatic white wine. Besides Malvasia, in Konavle other white wine varieties are also famous such as Maraština and Pošip and excellent red wines like Plavac, Merlot, Cabernet, Cormorant, Kadarun and other varieties.

Besides being the best place where you can learn about traditional crafts, folk dances and wine production, Čilipi will amaze you with its incredible landscapes. From lavish vegetation to massive mountains in a backdrop, Čilipi fairy-tale charm will win your heart easily. If we convinced you to pay a visit to this lovely rural settlement be sure to book your place at our Čilipi excursion.

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