Best locations in Croatia for panoramic photos

Do you love making epic panoramic photos?


We hear you; we love them too. Croatia is a country known for its mesmerising landscapes and abundance of natural and historical riches. There are numerous amazing photo locations from well-known lookout points around the country. Keep reading and find out five stunning lookout point worth visiting while in Croatia.  

srđ dubrovnik

Srđ – Dubrovnik

Mount Srđ lookout point offers sweeping views on beautiful landscapes; from the Elaphiti Islands and Lokrum to Dubrovnik and its Old Town. Besides the mesmerizing view, once on mount Srđ, you can relax in a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant. This is certainly a must-see location while in Dubrovnik.

Marjan – Split

The symbol of Split is adorned with dense pine woods, sweeping viewpoints and amazing hiking trails this beautiful forest park and it stands as one of the city's most important landmark. Besides breath-taking landscapes and mesmerizing views on the city, the green gem of Split is also home to many medieval chapels and of course beautiful beaches.

marjan split

The fort Fortica (Španjola) – Hvar

Looming high above the town, this magnificent fort will leave you standing in awe. Fort Fortica was built at the beginning of the 16th century during the Venetian rule. While strolling around this monumental construction, you will be mesmerised by an unforgettable panoramic view of the city of Hvar, its surroundings and the Pakleni Islands.

Vidova Gora – Brač

If by any chance you plan to spend your vacation on the island of Brač, then a visit to Vidova Gora is an absolute must. At almost 800 metres above sea level, prepare to be swept away by incredible panoramas. There is even a restaurant where you can sip on a refreshing drink or feast on a local speciality, spit-roasted lamb.


Sljeme – Zagreb

Another location you should put on your bucket-list if in search of panoramic photo points in Croatia is Sljeme. Sljeme is the highest peak of Medvednica Mountain, located only 20 min from the Zagreb city centre and can be reached on foot, or by car or tram. Sljeme offers a magnificent view over Zagreb on one side and the hills of Zagorje on the other. It is also a perfect place for outdoor activities: hiking, biking, tracking, and skiing.